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Are you a singer/songwriter with ideas to lay down?
A composer wishing to stay in a creative environment with access to facilities to create your next score?
A couple, duo or trio looking to record your next album?

Combining The Musicians Retreat Accommodation with The Production Pit studio gives you these options at a very affordable budget

The Studio

  • An architecturally designed production suite  

  • Package includes full access/lock out to The Production Pit studio with Ian at desk to ensure a smooth operation of gear he knows well.

  • Range of mikes, guitars, percussion for use plus keyboards, midi controller keyboards, suite of virtual instruments, synths etc available for use

  • * For bands wanting 'live' recording (with/without overdubbing vocals/leads) we have use (other than Tuesdays, Sundays & couple of nights) of a local auditorium/outrooms (think studio A type set up) at no extra cost (but needing to be booked well in advance to ensure availability)

    Check out the Studio tab here or the PavMusic website referred to above for more information



Pricing - Compare prices to normal studio hire only & see the value
Accommodation including breakfast and studio (Ian's time included)

  • Single artist, Duo or 1-2 couples -$400 per day ( king bed cabin or utilise 2 bedroom music room suite)

  • 3-4 in group $640 per day (3 beds utilised)

  • 4-8 (share up to 4 beds over the 3 accommodation options available .(or 4 people bed each)..full site lock out - best to discuss but indicative $840 per day 

(Note: increase in cost for higher numbers is purely to cover increase in accommodation & breakfasts/servicing rooms.)


Offer Period

These packages are on offer (based on existing B&B and studio bookings)

- 2018 September- December inclusive

- 2019 March -December inclusive


Consider in your thinking and planning

  • getting right sound ‘in’ is always priority so.... you may just be looking to recording
    time and you take away raw tracking to mix later

  • discuss with Ian if want to allow mixing days? For example if want to stay
    on/come back for any of that
    or handle it normally via internet, phone communication? As rates will vary.

  • decide if want to start by allowing time for creative writing, discussing,
    arrangement between members or with Ian (ie may not require studio for part
    of initial period just accommodation/or may include some activity prior to arrival)

  • co-write / collaboration arrangements may be possible if suits & of interest

  • by arrangement can quote/book in
    - other musicians/singers whether local on site or remote
    - access to specific other instruments (able to hire or record at facility).

  • If enough time we can try and see if local gig(s) can be arranged at no facilitation fee (no promises)

Of interest?????  
Check out the websites and contact Ian (041240770 or
to discuss your specific needs, issues, thoughts & check availability.


Extension/alternative services

  • Online/remote mixing   - if you have the ability to get the sounds down, whether can do
    a rough mix or not as a guide – we can take those files over the cloud and mix them
    to commercial quality/radio ready

  • Arrangement ideas and discussion online –be totally prepared when go in to
    the studio to ensure you will have the end product you need.
    If you have the song and ideas but not sure how to arrange the material
    for maximum impact on a recording (where you don’t have the visuals of a live gig to assist audience connection) Ian can help you formulate the right arrangement, communication via email, phone, skype 

  • Have a song rough and need to shape it into a song with impact, will touch/deliver the message you want? – Ian can help as a critic to assess your song as a one off fee based service  - through to possibly co-write/collab arrangements

  • Music business advisory/mentorship – need help with promotion, direction, planning a sustainable career forward in the industry


"In 2017 I had the privilege of staying at the Musicians Retreat to work on my first solo EP. As soon as I arrived I was immediately blown away. The space was beautifully decorated, everything was provided for me and I felt myself sink into my creative zone very easily. Ian and Deb also provided outstanding hospitality in making sure taken care of and made me the most delicious breakfasts every morning.


The goal of staying at the Retreat was to have a free space to write and record. I can honestly say that those goals were met way above my expectations. My recording sessions with Ian were professional, well organised and relaxed. Not only did we get everything finished but Ian also made the experience fun and memorable. As an added bonus, being there inspired me to write extra material and edit in my spare time.

I absolutely loved my experience at the Musicians Retreat and I can’t wait to stay there again. To create, write, record or just to spend time on the Mornington Peninsula (it's so beautiful). A big thank you to Ian and Deb for providing this opportunity for so much Musicians."
Rachael Zafirian, Sydney

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